Lance Branford

Director of Operations

As an Army veteran, I've always valued discipline, dedication, and teamwork. These principles have been the bedrock of my entrepreneurial journey, especially in the fast-paced and dynamic field of technology, which I see as a crucial equalizer for small businesses in today's world. My professional ethos is firmly planted in traditional business ethics, with a strong focus on the power of collaboration over competition. I believe that by working together, we can achieve more, create abundance, and redefine what success means in the business world. A significant part of my mission is to bring about change in the tech industry, particularly in high-paying tech positions. I am deeply committed to opening doors for minorities, ensuring they have fair opportunities to access and excel in these rewarding careers. I aim to dismantle barriers and cultivate an inclusive environment, understanding that diversity in the tech workforce isn't just about fairness – it enriches the entire industry with diverse perspectives and skills. This commitment to diversity and opportunity is not just a part of my professional life; it's a reflection of my core values and my continuous pursuit of innovative ways to foster meaningful change in the tech sector.